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Sound Barrier Fencing Company Near Broken Arrow, OK

Are you looking to reduce unwanted noise from nearby roads, highways, or commercial areas? Installing a sound barrier fence around your Broken Arrow property is an effective solution.

As leading fence contractors serving Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and surrounding areas, Fence Company Broken Arrow specializes in designing and building customized sound barrier fence systems to match our clients’ unique needs and budget.

Unlike standard privacy fences made of wood or vinyl, our sound barrier fences utilize thick, solid panels made of specialized noise-blocking materials structured in an overlapping or staggered pattern.

This limits noise transmission from passing through while also enhancing privacy. Designed to “absorb” sound waves rather than reflect them like a standard fence would, a well-installed sound barrier fence can reduce ambient noise by up to 15 decibels. This allows you to reclaim peace and quiet in your own backyard.

With over 15 years experience installing all types fence projects throughout Broken Arrow and Tulsa County, our team has the expertise to determine optimal sound barrier fence placement, height, and materials to effectively minimize noise pollution for your property.

We utilize leading technologies and noise control materials to create cost-effective solutions tailored your unique requirements.

Process We Follow for Sound Barrier Fencing

We make sure no two sound barrier fence installations are alike. Our consultative process focuses on your specific needs, environment, budget and timeline. Below is an overview of what working with us entails:

Initial Consultation

We begin every sound barrier fencing project with an in-depth consultation. This involves physically surveying your property to analyze important factors:

  • Identifying noise sources to isolate
  • Measuring overall area needing noise reduction
  • Identifying optimal placement to “block” noise
  • Taking environmental factors into consideration (slopes, weather dynamics, etc.)
  • Discussing timing considerations and project deadlines
  • Learning more about your budget needs and constraints

Our goal is to understand the desired ambiance you want to achieve in your outdoor living area by installing a sound barrier fence. This allows us to put together an accurate recommendation tailored to your property and needs.

Recommendations & Quotes

After thoroughly evaluating your unique situation, we put together a detailed recommendation showcasing different sound barrier fence options for your review. This includes:

Materials: Based on the noise decibel levels and frequencies you want to eliminate, we recommend building materials engineered specifically for sound absorption – ranging from acoustic barriers, noise barrier panels that can dampen both high and low-frequency sounds. We offer multiple material options across different price points.

Placement: Based on our property analysis and source of noise, we suggest optimal fence placement and positioning to effectively work as a sound barrier on your property. Strategic post positioning is key.

Height & Length: To properly isolate your living space, we recommend the appropriate length to span as well as height needed. The general rule is – the higher and longer the fence, the more sound blocked. But we make sure to balance acoustic performance with aesthetics and budget.

Visual Renderings: We create customized design visualizations of different recommended sound barrier fence options so you can see before you buy. This helps narrow down choices.

Detailed Quotes: You receive detailed quotes outlining total project costs including materials, labor, permitting (if needed) etc. We are always transparent with pricing so there are no surprises.

Down Payments & Scheduling

Once you review the recommendations and decide on a custom sound barrier fence solution for moving forward, we collect 50% down payment to order customized materials needed for your install. We also schedule tentative installation dates based on weather, crew availability and your timeline needs.


Our professional install crews ensure your sound barrier fence is constructed according to manufacturer specs to maximize acoustic performance. This is a highly specialized process requiring:

  • Precise post hole digging and placement
  • Leveling and clearing the install area
  • Carefully measuring and cutting materials
  • Proper panel alignment, spacing and overlap to eliminate noise gaps
  • Using noise dampening fasteners and hardware
  • Fine-tuning the overall structure and stability

Throughout the process, we communicate progress and adjustments needed (if any). You also have opportunities to visualize the unfolding sound barrier fence on your property.

Inspections & Approvals

Once installation is complete, we conduct thorough inspections checking everything from post sturdiness, overall alignment, panel connections, and gate operations if applicable. Only after the fence passes our quality standards, do we schedule an approval meeting. This gives you a chance to inspect first-hand, ask additional questions, and sign-off on the project.

Payments & Warranty

We collect final payments only after you formally approve the sound barrier fence install. All projects also come with a minimum 1 year workmanship warranty. We also provide customized maintenance plans to keep your fence working and looking great for decades!

Cost of Sound Barrier Fencing in Broken Arrow, OK

We offer very competitive pricing for sound barrier fence installations without compromising quality and acoustic performance. As a good rule of thumb, you can expect to invest around $25 – $45 per linear foot for professional sound barrier fence installation. The final price depends on:

  • Type of materials needed – Basic noise barrier vs. acoustic panels
  • Overall height and length spanning your property
  • Whether you need a single sided or double sided install
  • If you require a noise dampening gate
  • Local zoning and permitting fees (if applicable)
  • Any site prep work needed – clearing, grading etc.

We provide detailed quotes outlining exact costs after assessing your unique property and needs. As leading fence contractors serving Broken Arrow for over 15 years, we offer flexible payment options and even financing to help you invest in reduced noise pollution.

Contact us for a free on-site assessment and quote for your sound dampening fence!

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Our highly-trained professionals have installed thousands of fences in Broken Arrow and surrounding areas.


We work closely with you to design the ideal fence for your unique property, lifestyle, and aesthetic.

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Only the most durable and resilient fencing materials are used to build secure, long-lasting fences.

Professional Installation

Meticulous installation methods ensure your fence is perfectly level and sturdy for years to come.

Customer Satisfaction

Your happiness and security are our top priorities during every step of the process.


Our competitive prices make it easy to get the perfect fence you want at a cost you can afford.

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FAQs About Sound Barrier Fencing in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

How much noise can a sound barrier fence reduce?

A properly designed and installed sound barrier fence can lower ambient noise volume by 12-15 decibels (dB). This helps muffle unwanted sounds making your outdoor living space more peaceful and relaxing.

What building materials work best for blocking sound?

Specialty acoustic barrier and noise absorbing panel materials with density and mass are best for minimizing sound transmission. We recommend materials engineered to dampen both high and low-frequency noises.

How tall should a sound barrier fence be?

For highway noise barriers, a height between 14 to 20 ft is optimal. For commercial areas or loud neighbors, even an 8 ft. barrier fence can make a difference. We customize height based on your budget, noise sources and goals.

Can sound still pass under or through a fence?

Yes, that’s why proper installation without gaps is key. Our sound barrier fences utilize overlapping, staggered panels secured tightly at every point to minimize noise leakage. We also use noise dampening hardware.

Do sound barrier fences need special maintenance?

Beyond occasional power washing, no special maintenance needed. We offer maintenance plans to keep everything tightened and secure. Durability varies based on material types – from 5 years for wooden panels to 20+ years for acrylic.

Will a sound barrier fence look unsightly?

Not at all. Beyond function, aesthetics are important to us. We offer material options ranging from solid wood, decorative concrete and even living plant walls to complement your landscape.

Can a sound barrier fence be installed on a slope or uneven terrain?

Our expertise allows us to create effective noise barriers even on sloped, tricky sites. This may require special engineering techniques – all detailed in our quote.

How long does installation take?

Typically 4-7 business days depending on length. We may require 1-2 weeks lead time to order customized materials but provide installation timelines upfront.

What factors impact the cost of sound barrier fences?

Key factors affecting price include height, length, materials used, site accessibility, need for special footings/posts, permanency requirements and local permit fees.

Do you require full payment upfront?

No, we only require 50% down payment before ordering customized materials for your install. Balance payment is due upon satisfactory project completion and approval.


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