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Keeping deer out of your yard or garden can be a frustrating battle for homeowners in the Broken Arrow area. Deer can decimate gardens, landscaping, and crops in no time when they invade your property.

Our expert fence installation team at Fence Company Broken Arrow specializes in building customized deer fence barriers to permanently resolve deer problems for homeowners in and around Broken Arrow.

We have over 15 years of hands-on experience designing and installing effective deer fencing that blends durability, aesthetics, and functionality. A properly installed deer fence acts as an impenetrable barrier that keeps deer off your property for good.

We offer durable and long-lasting deer fencing solutions made from high quality materials designed to withstand the elements and persistent deer. Our attractive deer fencing options blend seamlessly into your landscape without being an eyesore.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free estimates, you have nothing to lose by calling the deer fencing installation experts at Fence Company Broken Arrow today to get a free consultation and quote for your property.

Our team makes the entire deer fence installation process hassle-free for homeowners in the Broken Arrow area. Give us a call now to get started!

Process We Follow for Deer Fencing

The process of installing an effective deer fence around your Broken Arrow property starts with a detailed consultation and site inspection. Setting up a fence that properly restricts deer access requires careful planning based on the unique features of your landscape.

Our fence installation experts will walk the perimeter of your property with you, gathering accurate measurements while also identifying sloped areas, dense vegetation, drainage ditches and other elements impacting fence placement. We’ll discuss problems you’ve had with deer damage in the past along with the types of plants and landscaping you want to protect going forward.

By considering deer trails and known access points, we can plan strategic fence placement to directly target and eliminate areas where deer enter from nearby woods or fields. Whether you need a fence around your entire property line or a targeted enclosure around a garden or backyard, our team identifies the best layout for maximum deer control.

Review Fence Styles, Materials and Budget

After thoroughly evaluating your property and objectives, we move to the office or kitchen table to review deer fence style options ranging from welded wire to electric high-tensile wire designs.

Factors we consider when recommending the optimal fence choice include:

  • Number and size of deer in your area
  • Full enclosure or partial barrier preferences
  • Aesthetics and visibility concerns
  • Planned vegetation inside enclosure
  • Durability requirements and lifespan goals
  • Budget and investment capabilities

Based on 40+ years of collective fencing experience in the Broken Arrow area, our experts know which materials and fence types work best for all circumstances. We take the time to educate you on each option while guiding you to the ideal deer fence choice for your unique situation.

Common Deer Fence Styles We Offer

Welded Wire – Tightly spaced wire grid infill between posts, often with added top/bottom tension wires. Available in various deer-proof heights up to 10 ft.

Woven Wire – Tighter spacing than field fence to exclude deer but allow small animal access, durable and economical option.

Fixed Knot – Heavy gauge pre-knotted vertical wire with tension wires for strength, very effective deterrent for high deer pressure areas.

Electric High Tensile – Electrified tight wires or mesh infill provide adjustable 8-12 ft. protection, optimal for large enclosures.

Hybrid Fences – Combine welded wire, electric elements and robust posts for ultimate protection.

We carry trusted brands like RedBrand, Kencove and Gallagher providing premium fencing components resistant to rust, corrosion and damage. Our in-stock inventory allows fast access to materials when needed.

Professional Installation

With recommendations tailored your unique landscape and deer control objectives, we schedule a full crew dispatch for professional fence installation using the chosen materials. We handle the bulk of hard work for you including:

  • Layout based on planned design and property boundaries
  • Digging holes for permanent wood, metal or concrete post footing
  • Setting and securing all posts to precise depths and spacing
  • Unrolling and strategically pulling woven, welded or high tensile wires to achieve desired tension
  • Attaching electric elements if applicable and testing connections
  • Securing and aligning durable gates allowing needed property access
  • Removal and disposal of all installation debris upon completion

Our expert crews have installed hundreds of deer fences in Broken Arrow and surrounding regions. You can trust us to handle the project efficiently while keeping noise, mess and landscape disruption to a minimum.

We also make deer fence additions and modifications simple if protecting new vegetation or adjusting access over time. Proper anchoring and strategic post placement from day one makes augmenting existing installations much easier.

Why Choose Us As Your Deer Fence Installer

While an effectively planned and installed deer fence requires expertise, we believe staying on budget and limiting property disturbance is equally important. As a local company staffed by Broken Arrow residents, we respect your land as if it were our own.

You can rely on our fences due to:

Pro Level Experience – Our crews have been trained by installers with 40+ years of fence building experience. We know what works in the Broken Arrow area.

Efficient Practices – We handle the heavy lifting while innovative tools and methods allow fast completion with minimal property damage.

Quality Materials – Long-lasting components resist corrosion,impact damage and UV degradation even in harsh Oklahoma elements

Professional Habits – Crews are uniformed, insured and maintain clean job sites from start to finish of every project.

Local Reputation – As a family-owned Broken Arrow company, we cannot afford providing anything less than top-tier service to our neighbors.

Satisfaction Guarantee – We stand behind our deer fences with a standard 1-year labor warranty provided upon job completion.

From sturdy wood privacy options to open wire electric designs, our custom deer fences keep properties protected without negatively impacting aesthetics or the surrounding ecosystem. Neighbors and visitors will appreciate how naturally our fences complement Broken Arrow landscapes.

Cost of Deer Fencing in Broken Arrow, OK

When considering adding a deer fence in Broken Arrow, one of the first questions we receive is: “How much does deer fencing cost?” While so much depends on your unique site and project goals, here is an overview of cost influences as well as sample investment ranges you can typically expect:

Deer Fence Material Prices

  • Welded Wire – $1.50 – $2.00 per foot
  • Woven Wire – $2.00 – $2.50 per foot
  • Fixed Knot – $6.00 – $8.00 per foot
  • Electric High Tensile – $1.00 – $1.50 per foot
  • Posts/Braces – $5 – $12 per post

Other Cost Factors

  • Perimeter length – Longer fences use more materials.
  • Terrain difficulty – Heavily sloped sites require more posts.
  • Access gates – Sturdy deer gates run $75 – $250 each.
  • Removals – Clearing old fences or trees adds expenses.
  • Installation – Typically a 30-40% upcharge on materials.

Average Total Project Investment

  • Small Backyard Enclosure – $1,500 – $2,500
  • Half-Acre Partial Barrier – $2,500 – $3,500
  • 1-3 Acre Property Perimeter – $4,000 – $8,000
  • 5-10 Acre Game Fence – $10,000 – $25,000

As you can see, deer fencing costs vary widely depending on exact parameters and selections. The good news is that our free quotes factor in all considerations for your specific site and needs. We also offer flexible payment options on all installations.

Contact Fence Company Broken Arrow today to discuss budget-friendly deer fencing solutions protecting your property.

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Our highly-trained professionals have installed thousands of fences in Broken Arrow and surrounding areas.


We work closely with you to design the ideal fence for your unique property, lifestyle, and aesthetic.

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Only the most durable and resilient fencing materials are used to build secure, long-lasting fences.

Professional Installation

Meticulous installation methods ensure your fence is perfectly level and sturdy for years to come.

Customer Satisfaction

Your happiness and security are our top priorities during every step of the process.


Our competitive prices make it easy to get the perfect fence you want at a cost you can afford.

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FAQs About Deer Fencing in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

What is the best height for a deer fence?

The recommended deer fence height is 8 feet. Lower barriers can be crossed by motivated deer. Maximum effectiveness occurs once you reach 8-10 feet high, deterring all common deer species found near Broken Arrow.

What type of fence is best for keeping deer out?

The most effective deer fence incorporates tight spacing that deer cannot push through or put their head through. Welded wire and woven wire styles work well. Some high tensile electric fences also deter deer through discomfort instead of physical barrier.

How far should a deer fence be from my garden?

We recommend installing your deer fence at least 5-10 feet from the garden edge. This creates room to access plants easily while preventing curious deer from pressing against the fence and reaching vegetation.

How far apart should deer fence posts be spaced?

Post spacing maxes out at 10-12 feet for most deer fences, less for properties with heavily sloped areas. We space posts to account for soil conditions and fence height. Gates generally require posts every 8 feet or less.

What can I grow inside a deer fence?

Any plants and vegetation prone to deer damage can thrive inside a properly install deer fence. Some common protected plants are flowers, garden veggies and herbs, fruit trees/bushes, ornamental grasses and valuable landscape trees.

Will deer jump over my 8 foot fence?

In most cases, mature deer will not jump over properly tensioned 8 foot fences. Enclosures protecting highly coveted vegetation often motivate attempts to jump or push through barriers despite discomfort anduncertainty. Adding electric top wires boosts fence performance.

How much closer together are deer fence vertical wires?

Quality deer fence wire spacing ranges from as tight as 3 inches up to 6 inches. The density of local deer populations determines optimal spacing, along with property goals. Vegetable protection demands tightest spacing for maximum exclusionary capabilities.

Do deer fences require a lot of maintenance?

Our deer fences use durable materials resisting corrosion and damage over decades. Checking tension and electrical connections 2-3 times per year ensures optimal performance. We offer maintenance and repair services allowing fences to protect properties indefinitely.

What do deer fences look like?

We offer deer fences in styles from welded wire grids to vertical fixed knot designs that install flush to the terrain and blend into natural environments. Open electric fence options also maintain landscape beauty. Various powder coating colors camouflage fences effectively.

How long does it take to install a deer fence?

Installation times range from several days for small enclosures to two weeks or more for multi-acre perimeter deer fencing. The length, terrain difficulty, necessary site clearing and crew size impact overall construction speed. We always provide accurate schedule estimates after surveying your property.


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