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Are you looking to install a classic, timeless fence around your Broken Arrow property? Post and rail fencing brings beauty, functionality and value to any home or business.

As the most trusted fencing company in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, our expert team specializes in designing and constructing customized post and rail fences that enhance security, establish boundaries and beautifully accent your landscape.

With over 10 years of experience installing post and rail fences in Broken Arrow and surrounding areas, we understand how to expertly craft fences to match your vision.

Whether you prefer the rustic look of split rail fencing or a more polished wood post and rail design, we have the skills and knowledge to bring your ideas to life. Our fences are constructed from quality materials designed to withstand the elements year after year.

When you choose our fencing company for your post and rail fencing project, you can expect an outstanding customer experience from start to finish. We begin by providing a free, no-obligation quote on-site at your property so you know exactly what to expect cost-wise.

Next, our team measures the area, assesses terrain, soil conditions and other factors that impact the fence construction process. Finally, we design a customized fence plan to match your specifications down to every detail.

With fence installation complete, you’ll love spending time in your newly defined outdoor space for decades to come. The natural beauty of post and rail fencing adds so much character and charm to any landscape.

Trust our expertise for:

  • Wood, vinyl and composite post and rail fences
  • Custom fence sizes, shapes and configurations
  • Gates, decorative accents and lighting
  • Teardown and haul away of old fences

Let the most trusted fencing company handle your next post and rail installation! Call today for a free quote.

Process We Follow for Post and Rail Fencing

Constructing a long-lasting, professional-grade post and rail fence requires skill, planning and attention to detail. Here is what you can expect when you hire our team:

Step 1: On-Site Consultation and Quote

The process begins when our qualified team of fence builders meets you at your Broken Arrow property for an initial consultation. We’ll discuss the project specifications, including:

  • Intended purpose and look of the fence
  • Preferred materials: wood, vinyl, composite
  • Height and length
  • Corners, curves, gates and decorative extras
  • Budget
  • Project timeline

Next, we conduct a thorough site inspection, evaluate the terrain and take precise measurements of the area requiring fencing. With the on-site assessment complete, we provide you with a detailed quote outlining exactly what to expect in terms of cost. Never any hidden fees or surprises down the road.

Step 2: Custom Fence Design

With the quote approved, our team creates a 3D design customized for your property and fence specifications. This allows you to visualize the finished project beforehand so you know it will perfectly match your vision. We’ll collaborate on edits until the design is just right.

Step 3: Material Prep and Planning

With the custom design finalized, we:

  • Order all necessary fencing supplies and materials
  • Schedule appropriate equipment and crew required for the job
  • Obtain any permits needed for the fence installation

Proper planning prevents delays and ensures the project stays on track.

Step 4: Installation

Once planning is complete, our professional installers get to work constructing your customized post and rail fence. With years of experience, our crew works efficiently yet meticulously, paying attention to every detail as we:

  • Clear and prepare the installation area
  • Dig holes for posts at pre-planned intervals
  • Set posts plumb in concrete for strength and stability
  • Allow posts to properly cure before moving to next steps
  • Add rails cut to precise lengths and secured properly into place
  • Include any gates, lighting or decorative elements in design
  • Clean up the property thoroughly once finished

Throughout the installation process, we adhere to best practices for constructing durable, lasting post and rail fences optimized to stand the test of time. You’re welcome to oversee progress and ask questions at any point.

Step 5: Field Quality Inspection

With installation complete, we conduct a thorough quality check of the finished fence. This involves:

  • Checking post heights, spacing and alignment
  • Ensuring rails are properly secured
  • Testing gates open/close and lock properly
  • Fixing any minor defects before turning fence over

Only when completely satisfied do we schedule the final walkthrough.

Step 6: Final Walkthrough

This final step gives you the chance to inspect the finished post and rail fence firsthand on your property. We’ll make on-the-spot edits if you notice anything amiss to ensure you’re 100% happy.

With the walkthrough complete and payment settled, we provide guidance on proper fence care and maintenance so your post and rail fence graces your landscape beautifully for decades.

Call today to get started with a free consultation on your custom post and rail fencing!

Cost of Post and Rail Fencing in Broken Arrow, OK

How much does a post and rail fence cost in Broken Arrow and surrounding areas? Pricing depends mainly on:

Fence Size and Configuration

We base quotes on the linear footage requiring fencing. Additional factors like tricky terrain, corners, gates and other custom details also impact overall project pricing.

In terms of materials, wood fences tend to be very affordable and budget-friendly. Composite and vinyl cost more upfront but deliver greater durability.

Fence Materials

  • Split rail wood: $15 – $30 per linear foot installed
  • Cedar post and rail: $25 – $50 per linear foot installed
  • Vinyl: $40 – $70 per linear foot installed
  • Composite: $70 – $120 per linear foot installed

With over 10 years of experience, our team knows how to keep post and rail fencing projects within budget without sacrificing quality and aesthetics. We offer affordable pricing with options to fit every budget.

Never decide on a fence company based on cost alone. Poorly installed fences degrade quickly, obstruct views, and require frequent repairs. Our expertise delivers lasting value and enhances your property’s beauty for maximum ROI.

Contact us today for an exact quote tailored to your unique project requirements!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our highly-trained professionals have installed thousands of fences in Broken Arrow and surrounding areas.


We work closely with you to design the ideal fence for your unique property, lifestyle, and aesthetic.

Quality Materials

Only the most durable and resilient fencing materials are used to build secure, long-lasting fences.

Professional Installation

Meticulous installation methods ensure your fence is perfectly level and sturdy for years to come.

Customer Satisfaction

Your happiness and security are our top priorities during every step of the process.


Our competitive prices make it easy to get the perfect fence you want at a cost you can afford.

Our Fence Projects in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

FAQs About Post and Rail Fencing in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

What are the main advantages of post and rail fencing?

Post and rail offers privacy without fully blocking views or light. The classic, timeless look enhances most architectural styles. Easy to customize heights, materials and configurations. Low-maintenance compared to fences with vertical pickets.

What spacing between posts is best?

For stability and strength, we space posts 6 to 8 feet apart depending on fence height and other factors like soil type. Wider post spacing risks sagging over time.

How long do post and rail fences last?

Properly installed wood fences last 15-20 years. With routine maintenance, vinyl and composite last 20-30 years. Durability depends on materials, weather and soil conditions.

What is the easiest material for DIY installation?

For DIY projects, wood is the easiest material to work with. Vinyl and composite fences require more skill and specialty tools. However, wood requires the most maintenance.

How much does it cost to install post and rail fencing?

Cost averages $25 – $50 per linear foot installed depending on materials and fence height. Contact us for an exact quote tailored to your unique specifications.

How long does installation take?

The fence installation process typically takes 5-7 business days depending on the project. Larger, complex projects with specialty elements take longer.

Can you design curved post and rail fences?

Yes, we create custom fences with curves, angles, corners and unique configurations to match property lines. Proper planning prevents installing posts where you don’t want visible lines.

What is the best height for a front yard fence?

We recommend 36 to 42 inches for front yard fences. This provides security yet avoids blocking views or appearing too closed off. Back and side yard fences often extend to 72 inches.

Can post and rail fences withstand wind and weather?

Our fences stand up to wind, rain and other elements year after year. galvanized fasteners and hardware prevent loosening over time. Proper post depth and concrete reinforcement provide stability.

Will animals or pests damage my fence?

Quality building materials, tight fastening and proper post depth prevent damage from burrowing pests. For horses, cattle and other livestock we recommend electric fencing along with post and rail.

Trust Our Fencing Expertise!

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