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Keeping soil stable is crucial for ensuring the longevity and safety of any outdoor space. Loose soil can easily erode from wind, rain, and other forces, damaging your lawn, garden, or construction site.

Installing erosion control fencing is the most effective way to secure soil on slopes or vulnerable areas.

The specialized fencing catches and contains debris while allowing water to seep through. This prevents washouts, structural damage, and costly repairs down the road.

With over 10 years serving the Broken Arrow area, our fencing experts have extensive experience with erosion control systems.

We specify the optimal materials and customize the installation plan to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule a free site evaluation!

Process We Follow for Erosion Fencing

Site Evaluation

Understanding your property’s layout, problem areas, soil type, and slope degree is crucial for designing the right erosion control fence system.

Our team will thoroughly assess your site and identify areas most prone to erosion. We determine water flow patterns and mark any swales, existing drainage systems, utilities, and planting beds to factor into the fence placement.

Identifying priorities like redirecting runoff, securing a bank, or protecting newly graded terrain ensures the fence directly addresses your needs.

System Design

Every erosion control project demands a customized system design tailored to the site. (20 words)

Key considerations include:

  • Intended purpose: silt control, slope stabilization, diversion of water flow, etc.
  • Soil type and degree of slope
  • Amount of runoff to manage
  • Integration with existing drainage

Our fence experts translate the evaluation findings into a complete site plan guiding the fence specifications, post configuration, and placement plan. We select durable, UV-resistant fence materials able to handle heavy debris flow while allowing adequate water passage.

For example, straw wattle installations involve mounded rows of enclosed straw revealing the slope contour lines. Cellular confinement systems feature molded geoplastic cells staked across steep banks to fortify the soil.

Or our standard silt fence design may suffice for most basic applications. We determine the ideal system design through our expert knowledge and site-specific considerations.

Installation Process

With the erosion control fencing design finalized, our professional crew gets to work installing your new system.

We utilize specialized equipment to trench, contour, and anchor the fence posts for maximum stability. The installation process generally involves:

  • Marking proposed location
  • Digging trenches along the perimeter
  • Installing support posts at precise intervals
  • Unrolling and securing fence fabric
  • Backfilling trenches with compacted soil

Our crews take care minimizing ground disturbance and vegetation removal throughout installation. We also safely remove and dispose of any displaced soil or waste.

Maintenance Plan

While erosion fencing itself is low-maintenance, keeping the system functional requires some periodic upkeep. We provide a maintenance plan accounting for regular debris removal, sediment clearing, vegetation control, post re-securing, and damage repair from weather or other forces.

Identifying and addressing minor erosion fence issues before they worsen saves you money over the long run. Our experts teach you what to monitor and when certain maintenance is needed. Following a regular schedule prevents dust buildup, tears, flooding risk, and other headaches.

We offer affordable maintenance packages to Fence Company Broken Arrow erosion control customers, providing semi-annual or annual fence inspection and tune-ups. Just give us a call when maintenance assistance is needed!

Cost of Erosion Fencing in Broken Arrow, OK

Erosion control fencing provides lasting value and stress-free site stability when designed and installed properly. While upfront costs can add up depending on the scale, the investment safeguards your property from exponentially more expensive damages down the road.

As the top fencing company in Broken Arrow, OK, Fence Company Broken Arrow offers fair and competitive pricing on all our erosion control services. Every job quote is customized from a site analysis, but you can expect to invest around:

  • $4 – $6 per linear foot for materials and installation of a basic silt fence system
  • $30 – $50 per linear foot for straw wattle rows on a sloped bank
  • $50+ per linear foot for cellular confinement systems on steep slopes or channels

These costs depend greatly on the site specifics. Larger projects typically cost less per linear foot as well. Contact us today for an exact price quote tailored to your unique property! Regular maintenance service averages $200 – $400 semi-annually.

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We work closely with you to design the ideal fence for your unique property, lifestyle, and aesthetic.

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Only the most durable and resilient fencing materials are used to build secure, long-lasting fences.

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FAQs About Erosion Fencing in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

What types of erosion fencing do you offer?

Our three most popular and effective options are silt fencing, straw wattles, and cellular confinement systems. Silt fences feature woven fabric that filters water while containing sediment. Straw wattles create contour rows that slow and sink water. Cellular systems have open geoplastic cells that stabilize steep slopes. We recommend the best style for your needs and site during a free consultation.

How long does erosion fencing last?

Properly installed systems can last 5-10 years or more before needing full replacement. Silt fence fabric may need replacing every 3 years. Regular maintenance greatly extends the lifespan by preventing damage and functionality loss. We offer maintenance packages to keep things working optimally.

Should erosion fencing go along the contour or up/down the slope?

Contouring the fence parallel to the elevation lines better slows runoff and captures sediment. Some sites may benefit from perpendicular fence sections as well. Our expert analysis determines the ideal configuration to maximize effectiveness based on the terrain and water flow patterns.

Can you install erosion fencing on steep slopes or hills?

Yes, through specialty products like cellular confinement systems that stabilize extreme slopes. The molded open cells anchor securely into the soil, preventing surface erosion while allowing water passage. Straw wattles in rows are also very effective on steeper hills, providing a barrier as they follow the contour lines.

What kind of maintenance is required?

Basic tasks like clearing built-up sediment/debris, managing vegetation growth, re-securing posts, and repairing sections prone to weathering or runoff damage. We teach homeowners what to look for and offer maintenance packages. Most fences need some tweaks 1-2 times per year minimum to stay functional.

How do you determine appropriate spacing between fence posts?

Post spacing depends on the soil conditions, slope grade, water flow rate, and fence material strength. We space posts close enough to keep the fabric taut and upright. For silt fences, a good rule of thumb is 6-8 feet apart on relatively flat land and 4 feet or less for steep slopes. Wattle rows have closer 1-3 foot post intervals.

Can the fencing be removed later or is it permanent?

The posts and fabric can be taken out once the site is stabilized, drainage is controlled, and vegetation established. The impact on roots, soil, etc does depend on how long it stays in place. Some permament diversion systems integrate more naturally into the landscape over time. We advise on best timing for your situation.

Will erosion fencing affect my yard drainage or irrigation?

Proper installation actually improves drainage control on site. But we take care to note any existing yards drains, downspouts, or underground irrigation that must remain accessible, routing around them as needed. The goal is containing eroding soil while allowing normal water flows.

Do you need an inspection before installing erosion fencing?

Local permit or inspection requirements vary. Often silt fences under a certain height do not need approval. More complex diversion systems may need engineered plans. We handle any needed permitting and ensure code compliance, providing stamped plans if necessary. Let us know if you have inspector specifications.

What kind of warranty or guarantee do you offer?

We stand behind our expert erosion fence construction services 100%. All workmanship and materials are guaranteed for proper functionality for 1 year post-installation when our maintenance plans are followed. We will promptly address and fix installation-related deficiencies that occur. Contact us for terms and details.


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