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Do you have a damaged or broken fence that needs fixing? As a homeowner in Broken Arrow, keeping your fence in good shape is important for security, privacy, and aesthetic reasons.

But we know that fence repairs can be time-consuming, frustrating, and even dangerous if not done properly.

That’s where our expert team at Fence Company Broken Arrow comes in. With over 10 years of experience providing premier fence installation and repair services in the Broken Arrow area, we have the skills, equipment, and know-how to handle all of your fence repair needs.

Whether you need a few boards replaced or have an entire section that needs rebuilding after storm damage, our professional technicians have got you covered.

We use only the highest-quality fencing materials so you can rest assured that your repaired fence will be secure and long-lasting.

Our attention to detail and commitment to timely completion of projects have helped us become the most trusted name in fencing for Broken Arrow area homeowners.

When you choose us for your fencing repairs, you can expect:

  • A thorough site assessment and customized repair plan
  • Careful removal and disposal of damaged fencing
  • Precise measurements for sizing replacement boards/panels
  • Straightening/securing of posts to reinforce the fence structure
  • Replacement of rotted posts or post caps as needed
  • Cleanup of debris and final inspection of the completed repair job

Don’t put up with eyesore fences or worry about security risks any longer. Our fence repair technicians service all makes and models of wood, chain-link, and vinyl fences. We also handle gates, latches, and other accessories.

Contact us today at +1 (539) 766-8439 for a free quote on getting your residential or commercial fences fixed quickly and professionally!

Process We Follow for Fence Repair Services

When you choose us for fence repair in the Broken Arrow area, you can have full confidence that the job will be done right. Our structured process prioritizes communication, efficiency, safety, and aesthetics every step of the way:

Initial Site Inspection

The first step our technicians take is to visually examine your entire fence line to determine what materials are needed and scope out any access issues. We’ll also:

  • Identify weakened posts, damaged crossbeams, and protruding nails/screws
  • Check for proper spacing between fence boards
  • Assess condition of gate hardware and accessories
  • Look for signs of soil erosion underneath the fence
  • Take measurements and photographs for reference

This allows us to provide you with an accurate repair quote on the spot. Once you approve it, we’ll order any necessary replacement parts and schedule a date to complete the job.

Securing the Repair Site

On the day of your scheduled fence repair, our team will arrive equipped with all required materials, tools, and protective equipment. We’ll start by:

  • Establishing a safe perimeter with cones, tape, or temporary fencing
  • Wearing high-visibility vests to remain noticeable
  • Putting up safety signage as needed

Rest assured we’ll take every precaution to protect people, pets, landscaping, and the rest of your property while we work.

Removal of Damaged Fencing

We then set about carefully dismantling and disposing of the broken sections of your fence. This involves:

  • Pulling out protruding nails, screws, and staples
  • Extracting cracked or split wooden posts and beams
  • Cutting away warped or punctured vinyl panels
  • Unlatching bent gates from their hinges
  • Taking down entire spans of fencing if severely compromised

We recycle as much of the old material as possible. You’ll have the option to keep any still-usable items if you wish.

Replacement Parts Installation

Once the damaged fencing components have been extracted, we meticulously measure for sizing and start rebuilding your fence. Steps involved include:

  • Digging holes for and securing new posts in concrete
  • Attaching replacement beams, pickets, panels using galvanized hardware
  • Making sure all vertical posts are perfectly plumb
  • Verifying consistent spacing between horizontal fence boards
  • Rehanging gates and ensuring smooth latch operation
  • Anchoring post caps to protect against moisture damage

Our technicians take great pride in the quality of our workmanship—we know every repaired fence is a showcase of our skills!

Site Clean Up & Final Walkthrough

As we put the finishing touches on restoring your fence, we’ll be sure to leave your property better than we found it by:

  • Double checking for any leftover debris, tools, nails, or hardware
  • Moving aside cones, barriers, and safety signage
  • Raking up soil, sawdust, or mulch scattered during the repair work
  • Hauling away all damaged fencing pieces and other waste in our truck

Finally, we’ll complete a final walkthrough with you to confirm that the fixed fence meets your expectations visually and functionally. Please point out any remaining flaws or adjustments needed, and we’ll address them on the spot.

It’s our aim to deliver fence repair services that excel in workmanship and customer satisfaction. So if you have any concerns at all, don’t hesitate to share them!

Cost of Fence Repair in Broken Arrow, OK

At Fence Company Broken Arrow, transparency around pricing is one of our core values. We believe you should know what to budget for fence repairs upfront rather than get hit with surprise fees down the road.

The exact cost of fixing your fence depends on factors like:

  • Type of fencing material (wood, chain link, vinyl, etc.)
  • Length and height of spans being repaired
  • Number of posts, boards, panels needing replacement
  • Accessibility and terrain where the fence is located
  • Disposal fees for damaged materials

But as a general guideline for basic repairs, you can expect to invest:

  • $150-250 for a quick fix of several cracked boards, loose post caps, and minor gate hardware adjustments
  • $350+ for replacing 10-20 fence pickets and several posts in a short span of traditional wooden privacy fencing
  • $850+ for more complex repairs involving entire sections of tall security fencing or ornamental steel/iron fences

Keep in mind that extensive repairs requiring wholesale fence reconstruction can cost $50+ per linear foot depending on materials used.

We always provide free, no-obligation quotes at the start so you know the full price. There are never any hidden fees or surprise markups halfway through a job.

And if you have any budget constraints, just share them—we’re always willing to explore cost-saving options like fence panel spacing adjustments rather than full replacements.

Contact our team today to find out exactly what high-quality yet cost-effective fence repairs would run for your unique property!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our highly-trained professionals have installed thousands of fences in Broken Arrow and surrounding areas.


We work closely with you to design the ideal fence for your unique property, lifestyle, and aesthetic.

Quality Materials

Only the most durable and resilient fencing materials are used to build secure, long-lasting fences.

Professional Installation

Meticulous installation methods ensure your fence is perfectly level and sturdy for years to come.

Customer Satisfaction

Your happiness and security are our top priorities during every step of the process.


Our competitive prices make it easy to get the perfect fence you want at a cost you can afford.

Our Fence Projects in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

FAQs About Fence Repair in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

How long will fence repairs take?

This varies but simple jobs involving a few boards/posts take 2-3 hours. Rebuilding spans of 15-30ft could take 1-2 days depending on accessibility. We’ll provide a completion timeframe quote before starting.

Do you fix all types of fences?

Yes, our technicians have experience with wood, vinyl, chain link, aluminum and wire mesh fences. We can handle repairs to any style.

What if my fence is still under warranty?

No problem, we work with all major brands and can facilitate warranty repairs as an authorized installer. Our invoices also come with a craftsmanship warranty too.

Can I save money by DIYing the repairs?

In some cases yes if it’s very minor. But most fence fixes require power tools, concrete mixing, and carpentry skills to meet structural integrity and aesthetic standards.

What if I can only afford a few repairs now?

Not an issue, we fully understand budgets. We can repair sections as needed now and schedule follow-ups down the road.

How do I know if my entire fence needs replacing?

If over 50% of spans are compromised and posts/frames are badly warped or cracked, then full replacement may be more cost-effective than continued repairs.

What should I do about safety issues before repairs?

We’ll provide visible boundary markers and signage during our work. But please secure pets indoors and keep kids and visitors away from the active job site.

Do you also handle fence staining?

Absolutely! We can repair and then apply high-quality protective stain in your choice of opacities and colors without any additional service fees.

Why shouldn’t I try DIY fence repairs?

While handy homeowners can handle very minor fixes, extensive repairs present safety hazards if not done using correct techniques. Our pros have the tools and experience to avoid accidents or injuries.

How soon can Fence Company Broken Arrow start my repairs?

Typically within 2-5 days depending on scope. Call us at +1 (539) 766-8439 for same or next-day emergency service for catastrophically damaged fences presenting safety issues. We’re ready to help ASAP!


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I interviewed 3 fencing companies and felt most confident choosing this one. They provided a fair quote and delivered a durable, attractive fence on schedule. I highly recommend them.
carol Alex

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From the estimate to project completion, this fencing company exceeded my expectations. Their crew worked diligently and was mindful of my property. I would be happy to provide a reference.
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The fence installer was skilled and paid attention to detail. The materials and workmanship are high quality. I’m very happy with how my new fence turned out and would use this company again.
Scott Handy

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